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About PXL Elite

At PXL Elite, we believe in nurturing the health and potential of our youth with individualized care and support. Whether you’re striving to maintain optimal health, enhance vitality as you grow, or excel in athletic endeavors, our tailored approach is designed to meet your unique needs.

What we stand for.

Through advanced external health assessments such as physical fitness evaluations and vision screenings, we identify areas for improvement and develop personalized strategies to optimize your well-being. Internally, our tests like blood glucose monitoring and complete blood counts provide valuable insights into your internal health, allowing us to address any concerns and support your growth and development.

key Health indicators:

With PXL Elite, youth can embark on their journey to a healthy and thriving future, equipped with the knowledge and support needed to reach their full potential.

  • Genetics
  • Rate of Growth
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mental Development
  • Nutrition / Hydration
  • Fitness Level
  • Sleep / Recovery
  • Lifestyle Habits

getting sport ready

Mentorship fosters holistic fitness, promoting internal health, mental well-being, and balanced lifestyle for optimal overall wellness.

Fuel Your Youth with Hormonal Balance

Nurture Mental Resilience and Healthy Habits

Guidance for a Healthy Transition into Adulthood

External Health Tests

Empower Your Journey to Optimal Health

Physical Fitness Assessment: Evaluates aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and flexibility for overall fitness level.

Vision Screening Test: Assesses visual acuity and detects potential eye problems.

Posture Analysis: Evaluates spinal alignment and identifies potential musculoskeletal issues.

Internal Health Tests

Unlock Your Potential. Optimize Your Health. Thrive.

Blood Glucose Test: Measures blood sugar levels and assesses risk for diabetes or metabolic disorders.

Vitamin D Test: Assesses vitamin D levels and evaluates bone health and immune function.

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Screens for various blood disorders and assesses overall health status.

Nutrition: Our Fuel

To support youth health and development, PXL Elite suggests the following nutritional foods and supplements:

Protein-rich foods:

Essential for growth and muscle development, lean sources of protein like chicken, eggs, and tofu provide the necessary building blocks for a healthy body.

Multivitamin supplements:

Ensuring adequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals, a daily multivitamin can support overall health and fill potential nutritional gaps in a youth’s diet.


take evaluation

Complete thorough assessment of internal and external health markers for a comprehensive understanding of your well-being.


Choose plan

Select the plan aligning with your fitness, health, mental well-being, and lifestyle to ensure you achieve optimal results and satisfaction.


get to work

Review your test results thoroughly and develop an execution plan tailored to your needs for effective progress toward your goals.

Personalized coaching

Keep track of your health, stay in touch with your team, and maximize your progress all in one place. Sign up for a PXL Elite portal account today.


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Take your evaluation

Find your path to comprehensive wellness. This is a great way to prioritize key health indicators, diving deeper into what makes you tick.


Quick notes

Frequently Asked Questions: Central to the PXL method is impactful mentorship. 

Our mentorship program offers personalized guidance, tailored workouts, and nutritional insights for holistic fitness and wellness.

  • What types of programs do we offer? We offer fitness, genetic testing, and lifestyle mentorship programs.
  • Are the programs suitable for beginners? Yes, suitable for all ages and levels.
  • How long do the programs typically last? Our programs are in 3 month increments.
  • Can I customize my program based on my specific goals and needs? All programs are customizable.
  • Who are the mentors and coaches at PXL Elite? Mentors >>
  • How are mentors matched with clients? Based on prescribed programs.
  • What qualifications and experience do the mentors have? Our mentors have over 150 years of combined experience.
  • How often do clients interact with their mentors/coaches? 1-3 times per week on average.
  • How do I enroll in a PXL Elite program? Signup >>
  • What is the enrollment process like? Simple, choose a plan, meet your mentor, and get to work.
  • Are there any prerequisites or requirements for enrollment? None apply.
  • What is the pricing structure for PXL Elite programs? Monthly billing. Cancel anytime.
  • What kind of support does PXL Elite offer during the program? Mentor results reviews, and accountability groups.
  • Is there a community aspect to the programs? Yes, the PXL community portal is accessible to all members.
  • How can I stay connected with other participants? PXL Portal.
  • What resources are available to help me succeed in my program? Mentors, trainers, doctors, and members.